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środa, 19 maja 2010

Transforming Managers into Leaders

Last evening while I was doing simple research, I came across very interesting podcast (by Andy Gilbert) about leadership. In pursuit to make it happen I have decided to share with you some points about what Leaders do that makes them different to managers. This is about self leadership as well as about leading others. Both of these are integral to your success. Interested? Have a go.
  1. Establish the difference between Leader and Manager
    “Challenge of leadership is to get people willingly to do more than they would, to raise above the norm, to perform on the higher level of potential” and “TASKS ARE MANAGED WHILE PEOPLE ARE LEAD”.  Leaders don’t need a stick in a cupboard to force and frighten people to do things and it is about supporting people to get step forward beyond their comfort zone.  A manager will be someone with really great skills for managing tasks and getting things done, but leaders are actually taking people on the journey (development journey)
  2. Leaders Develops vision and establish direction
    Managers develop steps along the way to get in to eventual goal but the Leader is developing the vision and establishing direction. Vision is goal defining technique, it is about engaging peoples imagination (one of the thinking components) to take them from now into the future. As a example: words of Martin Luter King: “I have a dream how races will be united” or JF Kennedy: “We will have a man on the moon”…. So people were able to see it in their minds.  One of the key feature common for leaders is passion they have for their vision. Passion is visible within everything they do.
  3. Leaders innovate while managers administer
    Leaders really love to taking risks, taking things to the limits and consider everything as a possibility. If we don’t take risks, we are going to stay in the box, do things in the way we have always done and never take step forward! Managers are watching risks and minimizing them or looking for the way to overcome obstacles.
  4. Leaders are focusing on people while managers may believe in people but concentrate on things gets done.
    Manager can be doing a management job but also be In a leadership role or be using leadership attributes to develop their people.  Leaders develop other leaders through: coaching, asking questions, getting development plans in place and role modeling
  5. Leaders are scanning the horizon.
    Leaders look into the future for new opportunities, challenges while managers are watching the bottom line or (dead line) if you like. Leaders are looking on competitors and enjoy their success because it means that there is a need to raise the bar! Leaders are open minded and develop 3600 vision and ask high quality questions: where we are, where we are going, inside and outside of organization. Scanning the horizon all the time to make sure that organization is moving forward!
  6. Leaders originate while managers imitate
  7. Leaders inspire trust while managers rely more on control
    Leaders are being good on self words. “Men’s word is a bond”. Since action speaks louder than words only those will get respect who actually do what they say. There is no such a collocation as unreliable leader.  Leader give people reason why, so they can understand what leader does and why need their help.
  8. Leaders challenge the status quo
    Leaders employ other leaders who will challenge them.  So constant development is ensured. Real leaders are not afraid of competition. They just love it.
  9. Leaders produce change while managers produce predictability.
    If we keep doing everything in the same (even high quality) way, competitors may catch up. Today’s excellent may be tomorrow’s good. Leaders are pro-active and asking themselves high quality questions: what have I done this week/month to move this project/company forward?
All discussion is not about company’s, Party or Nation leaders only but about those who want to take responsibility for their role, life and finally for finding the situations which give them opportunity to lead.  It is good to develop leadership attributes so when time comes you are in position to be able to lead.
a. How you see yourself? How strong is your reason why?
b. Which leader attributes do you want to develop?
c. Write down a list of activities you ought to take, prioritize, stick in your planner and start doing.